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Our Day In Prison

Posted on 19th Apr 2016 @ 4:32 PM


Not quite your normal day at work... but last Friday saw Graham & Simon spend the day in prison. Literally. The reason was that we were recently approached by Musica Viva about a new Music programme they were trying to get under way at the Banksia Hill Detention Centre but the instruments they had available were simply not up to scratch.  Enter Concept Music!

They had quite a few guitars & basses there... too many to bring back to the shop but all were badly in need of some serious loving so in order to support the programme & make sure it gets off to the best possible start, we offered to go out to the Centre itself & service & repair as many as possible on site & then bring any that needed more serious work back to Concept.

It was a pretty successful visit & between them Graham & Simon managed to get a total of 18 guitars & basses fully serviced, set up & restrung in the one day with another 8 having to come back to the shop for more serious attention... which we will make sure are also ready within the next few days for the launch of their first session next week. It was great to be part of it... if you want to know more about Musica Viva you can click on this link. Great people doing great work. Thanks to Lindsay Lovering for the opportuity to assist.