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Gibson guitars are back at Concept Music

Posted on 13th Jul 2017 @ 3:32 PM


So...after a hiatus of almost 20 years, Gibson guitars are back at Concept Music!  Yes, it really has been that long since we have had new Gibson guitars hanging on our wall but we're very pleased to announce "they're back!". 

Concept Music stopped stocking Gibson way back in the late '90's after "agreeing to disagree" with the importer of that time, that cracked laquer was acceptable on brand new guitars.  We felt it was an issue & could not accept that "nitro lacquer just does that" on guitars that were only a few months old & that had developed crazing on the headstocks before they'd even been sold.  We know of course that nitro does crack over time... but over a few decades, not just not a few months!  There was no animosity, we just didn't agree & we shook hands & moved on & got used to not having them on the wall despite them being such an iconic brand. But it was, as you might expect, that one brand that customers would often miss & ask "Why don't you have Gibson?".

Since then it's fair to say quality control by all Brands has improved out of sight due to automation, robotics & manufacturing tehcniques but so also has the distributorship in Australia changed & along with it, their attitude to what is acceptable quality which is now, quite rightly in our opinion, in direct alignment with ours so we are very pleased & proud to be representing this massively respected brand once again.

Come in soon & check them out... we also have Epiphone & you will see our range expanding quickly over the coming months.