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Meet our staff


Graham Hoskins

“The Boss”. Started Concept Music in 1980. Passionate “old & wacky” guitar collector and past trombone player. Graham studied trombone at Perth Modern School and was in the inaugural Music Scholarship Class of’68. Graham left School in 1972 & continued to study trombone going on to play professionally as resident Bass Trombonist with the Arts Orchestra & Opera Company as well as doing stints with WASO (West Australian Symphony Orchestra), the Will Upson Big Band as well as many touring acts including the Supremes, John Farnham and many more. Graham says his most memorable gig was with The Bee Gees at the WACA.

More recently Graham served for 12 years as an Executive Committee Member of the Australian Music Association including 4 years as President and another 4 as Vice President. Graham was the first Retailer to be elected as President & was also the first West Australian to serve on the Executive Committee.

With some 38 years experience playing and selling brass & wind instruments, guitars amps, and PA gear Graham reckons there's not too many questions he won’t be able to answer about anything in regards to musical instruments!



Tony Del Roio

Growing up playing bass guitar, Tony loves the sounds of his collection of Vintage Fender Basses.

Tony rocks out with his ’69 Precision bass and ’78 Jazz Bass after hours gigging around Perth with his brother in their original line up supporting some of the best Australian acts such as Daryl Braithwaite, Diesel, Jimmy Barnes, The Black Sorrows, Mark Seymour and Ian Moss just to name a few.

Tony begun his journey with Concept Music in 2002 as the Bass Specialist and currently also assists Graham as store manager.

Tony also owns a couple of drum kits and loves laying down a few drum tracks in the studio satisfying his love of grooves.

Home Recording, Bass, Drums, Effects, PA’s, Amps, whatever the question, fire it past Tony and he will help you make it happen!


Ben Court

Guitars, Amps, Effects and Home Recording

Ben began playing classical guitar in primary school, and now plays in two original alternative rock bands, "Marble Season" and "The Midnight Condition", as well as performing his own solo material. When not gigging, he can usually be found writing and recording in his home studio.

Influenced by bands such as Cream and Smashing Pumpkins, Ben plays a Fender Billy Corgan Strat, 1979 Fender Strat, Tokai ES60 and Tokai SG43 through a 1991 Marshall Valvestate 8100 head and 4x12 cab, Marshall Class 5 head and Blackstar HT-1RH, with effects including an EHX Black Russian Big Muff, Eventide Pitchfactor Harmonizer and MXR '78 Distortion.


Damian Crosbie

Damian is best known as the front man for local experimental pop group The Panda Band. He has written, recorded and produced much of the bands three highly acclaimed independent recordings; the Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town EP, This Vital Chapter, and Charisma Weapon. These recordings have received considerable rotation on radio stations nationally, as well as in Europe and North America. His songs and performances are also featured on many compilations including Triple J ‘s popular ‘Hottest 100’, ‘Home and Hosed’ and ‘Like A Version’ releases.

The band has allowed Damian to tour all over the world including events such as ‘In The City’ Manchester, two SXSW Festivals, CMJ New York, and six months living and playing in the USA. The band has supported international acts such as Supergrass, Cold War Kids, and Gomez, and local stars including The Sleepy Jackson, Little Birdy and The Grates. His work has earned him multiple WAM Songwriting and Performance Awards, and an APRA Professional Development Award.

Damian has far too many instruments to list, but his current live set up is a 62 Reissue Fender Jazzmaster into a 4x10” Fender Super Amp. His “heavily cropped” (!) effects board includes an EHX Small Stone Phaser, some hand-made boutique fuzz boxes, two MI Audio Deluxe Blues Pro Overdrives, and a vintage Ibanez AD80 analog delay. He loves playing his Diesel Mini Maton for live acoustic performances, and also has a passion for new musical technology, utilizing soft synths and sequencers in his home studio which he uses extensively in his recordings.


Peter Helfgott

Electric & acoustic guitars & effects pedals.

Peter Helfgott has played in several cover and original bands around the place but is now concentrating on writing original music in an indi rock band with his sister. Peter gets into all types of music and, although mainly influenced by prog rock and metal, he is definitely not naive when it comes to other genres.

Peter plays a Musicman Silhouette electric guitar though a Fender Vibrolux Reverb amp and for the heavier side of things, he uses a Rivera Head with a 212 cab. Acoustic wise, Peter plays a Martin 000-16GTE which is the main guitar used in his original band. Peter is a big fan of pedals and has a large array of boutique and vintage stomp boxes which can give him sounds varying from sparkling cleans to heavy distorted tones, with everything in between.

Although music is Peters main passion, it is not the only thing in his life.  Skateboarding is another obsession of his, trying to step on his board at least once a day. Although he doesn't take it as serious as he used to, having made many friends through skateboarding, it is an important part of his life and always will be. Peter is also at university studying history and although is unsure what he will do with his degree, he loves it. Peter loves to travel and has travelled throughout Europe several times and has even played at a wedding in Spain!


Shane McDonald

Plays Bass Guitar, guitar and clarinet.
Main bass is a Fender U.S. Standard Jazz Bass. Also Ibanez SR 905 5 String and Yamaha RBX 270 with flatwounds.

Pedal board contains Boss TU 2, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Boss OC 2 Octave, and MXR Micro Amp.
Loves a wide range of music from Ska, Funk and Bach but Shane’s current attention is on Bebop, Latin and African music.
Inspired by Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Dizzy, Bird, Graham Wood, Void, and all their sweet bass players.
Bass heros include Jaco, James Jamerson, Paul Chambers, Sam Jones, Gary Willis,  Matthew Garrison, Tony at Concept Music, Dane Alderson, Sam Anning, Ashton "Family Man" Barrett and Bach.
Did you know ? When Concept was in West Perth and ran a large music school, Shane was student number 001. He was also the first full time employee in West Perth after Graham and his sister Janice.
Lee Jones

You name it... it seems Lee does it!  From operating his own recording studio to playing lap steel or even classical piano Lee is a man of many talents!

Classically trained Lee has had an impressive musical career spanning two decades. He is the former frontman for the now defunct WA band Spencer Tracy with whom he supported the likes of You Am I, Ron Sexsmith, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Super Furry Animals and Veruca Salt, just to name a few. He has received national airplay on all major radio stations - including reaching Number 1 on Triple J’s Net 50 countdown with his single “Ocean” in 2002.

In 2006 he won a WAMI Award for “Best Live Electronic Act” with his electro band Astronaut. In 2007 Lee, along with Luke Steele and Malcolm Clark, was awarded the trophy for “Best Original Music Composition”, for his work on the score for the film Ableman’s Final Account at the annual WA Screen Awards.

Lee was mentored by world renowned classical pianist Roger Woodward, and has performed his original classical compositions at the Sydney Opera House. He was invited to study classical piano and composition at the prestigious San Francisco State University.

Lee joined Perth avant-garde rock outfit The Sleepy Jackson on lead guitar and keys in March 2006. In mid-2007, he joined Eskimo Joe's touring band playing piano, slide guitar, lap steel guitar and both acoustic and electric guitars. Lee has toured extensively and has played countless national and international festivals including The Big Day Out, Falls Festival, Blues ‘n’ Roots, Southbound, In The City (Manchester UK) and CMJ (New York).

In addition, Lee has also played the annual G’day USA Gala in New York (they were introduced onstage by John Travolta) and the Sound Relief concert which was staged to aid the victims of the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria and Queensland floods in 2009. He also played with Eskimo Joe at the Live Earth concert held in 2007, which was televised worldwide.  In 2011 Lee left Eskimo Joe to concentrate on his own musical endeavour, The Sun Orchestra.

Lees gear list is too extensive to list here but he says currently his main guitar love is his Fender ’52 Butterscotch Vintage ReIssue Tele through a Custom Shop Vibroverb with a single 15”.  Effects wise Lee uses a TS9 Tube Screamer, and EP Booster pedal and a Boss DD7. Lee also frequently plays a Gretsch Lap Steel guitar that he whas retrofitted with a Duessenberg Multibender.  In keyboards he prefers Yamaha pianos and also owns a Kawai MP900 and a Korg MS2000.


Ben Witt

Ben picked up his first axe at the age of nine years old and has been busy playing ever since. After studying contemporary music at WAPPA for two years, Ben has been busy as the songwriter, guitarist & vocalist of local band, The Chemist. The band has received extensive airplay on triple J, toured nationally with acts such as Boy & Bear and Birds of Tokyo, and were runners up in the International Songwriting competition in the rock category last year.

Ben has also been hired as a session guitarist for high profile acts including the Aria award winning Bob Evans & Megan Washington. You may see him playing a Fender Telecaster or a Godin 5th Avenue through a Fender Blues deluxe, and is known to indulge in the experimental possibilities his pedals can offer. His favourite artists include Tom Waits, The Walkmen, Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke and many more. 


Chris Mason

Coming from a family of musicians, Chris has been playing music in one form or another for most of his life. Starting out bashing away on a set of drums in his Dad's rehearsal room, Chris gravitated to guitar at age 10 and has been playing ever since. Chris is the principal songwriter and frontman for local shoegazer's My Majestic Star who have released three albums and an EP on Perth label Hidden Shoal Recordings. MMS are currently working on a new album to be released at the beginning of 2013. All of My Majestic Star's releases have been recorded and produced by Chris at Stranded Studios. Chris has also released two solo albums on Hidden Shoal recordings, as well as a collaboration with Cam Merton as dream-pop duo Glassacre. Chris has just started playing with Kerry Fletcher as The Lunettes, with more gigs and recording for the indie duo to follow soon. Chris has also produced a number of soundtrack and ambient sound art works for various projects.

Although capable on a number of instruments, the guitar remains Chris' main love and his collection currently includes a Japanese Fender Jaguar, Classic Player Jazzmaster, Standard Telecaster, Epiphone Emperor Swingster, Schecter Stargazer bass and an original 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Chris also owns a Fender Custom Vibrolux and Tweed Blues Deluxe. Effects pedals include a Burford Electronics Techno Lo-Fi Fuzz, Marshall Bluesbreaker, Boss Super Overdive, Line 6 M5 Stomp Modeller, MXR Carbon Copy delay and Dunlop Cry Baby wah. In the studio, Chris uses Shure and SE microphones, Mackie MR8mkII monitors and Onyx Blackbird firewire interface, with Steinberg Cubase and Propellerhead Reason running on his PC. Chris also has an M-Audio midi controller, Roland digital piano and Fender Rhodes 88 electric piano.