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At Concept Music we believe this is why we are here and everything we do supports this philosophy. Whether you are a professional musician, an enthusiast or even a complete beginner who doesn’t know where on earth to start, we are here to help you on your musical journey and to share our own experiences and expertise.

All of our staff are musicians who have professional playing experience, are passionate about making music, and want you to enjoy playing music too. We are all keen to share our vast knowledge of instruments , brands and models with you. We will happily talk to you all day about “all things musical” and of any aspect of playing, using or learning a musical instrument.


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This is probably the most affordable Journey collapsible travel guitar available. Please don't let the sub $600 price fool you in to dismissing it though. Once the Concept team did a setup on it, it plays on par or better with a certain big name brand travel guitar line that uses composite materials for back and sides. My comparison found that the volume and tone were better, than said un named branded guitar and playability was as good if not better, especially once the setup brought the action down. I find I am still surprised that is plays right down to the 12th fret so easily, as well as any mid to high end 12 fret guitar. Fit and finish is excellent. With Journey's great after sale service you can have piece of mind you won't be left stranded if something goes wrong after you take it home.

Adam (20/02/2020)


Really hard to describe how good these things are. Mine is only 3 months old and has already survived 6 flights and 4 boat rides plus 2 weeks in the tropics during monsoon. The weather was so bad the humidity destroyed a set of elixir strings but the guitar remained utterly straight without the slightest change in intonation. The action is perfect, the intonation is faultless and sound wise the biggest compliment is that my Lowden sits unloved as this gets play time in preference most of the time. The note separation and clarity is astounding. The pickup is never going to worry a Maton AP5 but it’s not bad. Better than a Taylor. My only complaint is that the neck is so wide it makes thumb over playing hard when using a capo above the fifth fret.

Chris S (16/02/2020)