At Concept Music we believe “Life’s Better When You Play!”

At Concept Music we believe this is why we are here and everything we do supports this philosophy. Whether you are a professional musician, an enthusiast or even a complete beginner who doesn’t know where on earth to start, we are here to help you on your musical journey and to share our own experiences and expertise.

All of our staff are musicians who have professional playing experience, are passionate about making music, and want you to enjoy playing music too. We are all keen to share our vast knowledge of instruments , brands and models with you. We will happily talk to you all day about “all things musical” and of any aspect of playing, using or learning a musical instrument.

Latest Customer Reviews

Amazing. I thought this was just so i could play without disturbing others, but i didn't realise it also had drum beats included in the unit. I cant rave about this enough. I can now practice anywhere as you don't need a power supply.

David (03/10/2021)


I highly recommend this guitar! The quality & finish, let alone the sound for a new guitar is awesome. It will only improve with age & for those few who think Maton may have dropped their game of late - think again. Thanks to Graham & the Concept Team for organising for me...

Mark Alexander (14/07/2021)