At Concept Music we believe “Life’s Better When You Play!”

At Concept Music we believe this is why we are here and everything we do supports this philosophy. Whether you are a professional musician, an enthusiast or even a complete beginner who doesn’t know where on earth to start, we are here to help you on your musical journey and to share our own experiences and expertise.

All of our staff are musicians who have professional playing experience, are passionate about making music, and want you to enjoy playing music too. We are all keen to share our vast knowledge of instruments , brands and models with you. We will happily talk to you all day about “all things musical” and of any aspect of playing, using or learning a musical instrument.

Latest Customer Reviews

After hanging out for the “right” 12 string I believe I’ve got it, the Taylor 652ce WHB, I didn’t know that a wooden box with 12 wires could be so melodic. It has the Spirt of the Forest running through it’s grain it’s a “Shear Bliss toPlay” Geoff.D.

Geoff Davidson (30/12/2023)


Bought the “fever dream yellow” version of this. Johnny has explained the process by which he arrived at this, and the decisions behind his various changes, but the most important thing is it sound absolutely incredible on each setting. The tonal versatility is mind blowing. Johnny’s signature pickups, the floating tremolo arm, changing the switch configuration and introducing the Tele style switch. It is so beautifully playable. One of the best modern guitars available.

Jake (28/08/2023)