AKG C314 Professional Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

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One of the most respected families in audio recording is proud to introduce a new member. Join us in welcoming the AKG C314 professional multi-pattern condenser microphone to the studio, stage, and wherever your sound takes you.

Born from our commitment to total precision, and a team of the finest microphone engineers, the C314 makes use of the best materials and components found throughout the world. It has gone through an exacting design and highly detailed manufacturing process to bring you the end result: A microphone that captures every detail with the precision your creativity deserves.

  • Four selectable polar patterns perfect for every application: vocals, guitars, overheads, piano and more.
  • Lowest self noise for the highest resolution in high-dynamic applications, such as miking classic instruments.
  • Overload detection LED indicates overly high sound pressure levels—know exactly when to use the pad
  • Computer-matched diaphragms guarantee the highest polar pattern accuracy
  • Integrated capsule suspension reduces mechanical noise and resonances
  • 20 dB attenuation pad and bass-cut filter for close-up recording and reducing the proximity effect




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