KNA UP-1 Acoustic Instrument Pickup

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KNA UP-1 Acoustic Instrument Pickup

The UP-1 is a portable surface-mount piezo pickup with volume control. It's KNA's lightest and smallest surface mount pickup, the versatile UP-1 passive piezo attaches safely to just about anything that vibrates. UP-1 Includes a double-sided adhesive disc and enough PowerTack for mulitple applications. A detachable 1/8" to 1/4" cable allows the pickup to remain in place during storage. 

  • Laminated birch and maple top
  • Weight: 2.95g
  • Size: 22.50mm x 10.20mm
  • Maximum Impedance 800 Ω
  • 500 kilo ohms pot
  • 2.5meter / 8' cable length


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