AER Compact 60 IV Red High Gloss

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Introducing this stunning High Gloss version of the popular AER Compact 60! The first time I saw one of these I thought it was a joke! Nothing that small could sound that good... could it?!  AER boast they are the only amp manufacturer in the world to design every component of their amplifiers especially for acoustic guitar - the speaker, the amp and the pre-amp are all designed to give you the best & most natural acoustic sound possible. Yes, they look expensive for their small size and are very lighweight but they really ARE incredible!  The Compact 60 is, as the name suggests, 60 watts RMS twin channel compact acoustic amplifier. It has 4 digital effects, three band tone control, a DI out and effect loop all built in.  It even comes in a funky padded gig bag.  It's made in Germany and it's awesome!   Other colours now available on special order... please email for availability.


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