Alesis SR16 Drum Machine

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SR16 [175]
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Alesis SR16 Drum Machine

16-bit with 233 realistic drum & rhythm samples both in dry form and sampled with incomparable digital reverbs. It is MIDI ready and has been used for years by songwriters, live performers, as well as remix engineers as their drum machine of choice. The Alesis SR16 has legs simply because it does what it is supposed to do! 

For serious programmers and use as a sound module the Alesis SR-16 Stereo Drum Machine delivers comprehensive MIDI programming and implementation. Its samples can be tweaked with the Dynamic Articulation that alters the drum tone depending on how hard it's hit. The SR16 comes with 50 preset rhythm patterns, each with an A and B variation plus A and B fill, for a total of 4 different rhythms in each pattern. 50 user drum kits that were actually played in by top studio drummers, not just programmed and quantized, give you plenty of versatility. Also includes 2 stereo outputs, headphone out, 2 footswitch jacks, 12 velocity-sensitive pads, 16-voice polyphony, 24-bit resolution, and 20-255BPM tempo range. Plus, the Alesis SR-16 also provides complete MIDI implementation, a footswitch input, flexible programming and editing features, and velocity-sensitive pad buttons. 



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