Boss SD-1 4A Super Overdrive Pedal - 40th Anniversary Edition

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Boss SD-1 4A Super Overdrive Pedal - 40th Anniversary Edition

Introduced in 1981, the SD-1 Super Overdrive is beloved by guitarists across all genres and found on pedalboards in all corners of the globe. As we celebrate forty years of the Super Overdrive, BOSS has released a commemorative flipped colour edition.

In 1977, BOSS created an entirely new stompbox category with the OD-1, bringing natural overdrive in pedal form to guitarists for the very first time. Producing a signal rich in even-order harmonics, its unique asymmetric clipping circuit replicated the pleasing sound and feel of a driven tube amp—but at controllable volume levels. Four years later, this breakthrough design evolved into the more versatile SD-1, which added an active tone control for shaping the treble response and subtle enhancements for more low-end body.

  • Genre-defining BOSS overdrive sound
  • Unique asymmetrical clipping circuit produces tube-like overdrive characteristics
  • Mild-to-moderate drive tones with focused midrange and tight low end
  • Ideal for use with clean and slightly driven amps
  • Also works great for bringing tightness and definition to high-gain amp tones
  • Stacks well with boost, overdrive, and distortion pedals

The BOSS has more on the SD-1 here


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