Dean Markley West Coast Series Barstow Active Under-Saddle Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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Dean Markley’s Barstow Active pickup is a high perfromance UnderThe-Bridge-Saddle transducer with a built in discrete Class A Pre-amp that beautifully enhances acoustical reproduction and smooth, flowing string balance. The Barstow Active pickup has excellent acoustical tone reproduction, and reduces unwanted noises commonly found with stick-on type transducers. The Barstow Active pickup requires no maintenance and is unseen when installed in your guitar. Only you will know you have a pickup installed, unless your friends see the guitar cable connected to the Gold-Plated Gold River Accelerator Jack… a beautiful addition to any guitar.

  • 24-K Gold-Plated transducer pickup, with solderless mini-plug connector
  • 24-K Gold-Plated Gold River Accelerator Jack - with built in discrete Class A Pre-amp and solderless mini-jack connector
  • 6 Individual string sensors for independent string response
  • Sensors mounted in 24-K Gold-Plated steel casing, providing a level surface for balanced string volume
  • Solderless, mini-plug connectors for easier installation


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