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TX5J-- [180]
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DXP TXJ5 Junior Drum Kit

Junior 5 piece drum outfit. 

Comprises: 16"x11" bass drum (4 double lugs);

12"x10" floor tom (4 double lugs); 10"x6" tom tom

(4 double lugs); 8"x6" tom tom (4 double lugs);

10"x5" coloured shell snare drum (4 double lugs);

tom tom holder; cymbal holder; 10" cymbal on

holder; 8" hi-hat cymbals on stand includes drum throne,

snare stand, bass pedal and a of pair drum sticks.

Available in Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple and Wine Red.

**Please call for delivery options and colour choice**


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