Roland TD-17KL Electronic Drum Kit

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You’ll be able to easily find that sound you've been looking for as the TD-17 has 50 drum kits onboard. Pick from acoustic, compact, studio, arena stage, fat rock, speed metal and many more. You can also prepare to play in any venue with Reverb and Ambience. Stimulate the acoustics of wherever you want so you know exactly what you’re going into before you even get there. 

Features include:
  • Sound Module: TD-17-L x 1 (Non Bluetooth Model); 
  • Snare: PDX-8 x 1; 
  • Tom: PD-8A x 3; 
  • Hi-hat: CY-5 x 1; 
  • Hi-hat control pedal: FD-9 x 1; 
  • Crash: CY-8 x 1; 
  • Ride: CY-8 x 1; 
  • Kick: KD-10 x 1; 
  • Drum Stand: MDS-4V x 1



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