Fender Custom Shop 1997 Jimi Hendrix Monterey Pop Stratocaster (Mint)


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Monterey Pop

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The Monterey Pop Stratocaster. Mint condition (un-played & still with the original strings).  We sold this guitar brand new in 1997 & it has never played or displayed. Complete with all the accessories including case, tassled bag, original paperwork & Certificates. Serial Number 8!

In 1967, Jimi Hendrix played a show at the Monterey Pop Music Festival using a red-and-white custom-painted Fender Stratocaster. During his encore, he set the guitar on fire in what would become one of his most iconic moments. In 1997, to celebrate Monterey Pop’s 40th anniversary, the Fender Custom Shop commissioned artist Pamelina H. to hand-paint 210 reproductions of Hendrix’s hearts-and-swirls guitar. These custom-shop reproductions are now arguably the most-desired Fender production models in existence. A “Monterey Pop Strat,” as it’s known, is nearly impossible to find let alone with such a low serial number & in un-played condition. 


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