Fender Fullerton Tele Concert Ukulele - Black ** EOFYS **

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Fender Fullerton Tele Concert Ukulele - Black ** EOFYS **

It's nice to have something out of the ordinary come out in uke land. These mini-me Fender uke's are too cute! 

The Fullerton Telecaster departs from traditional ukulele construction and aesthetics, while remaining faithful to Fender’s history. The Telecaster ukulele’s pickguard, signature finish colour options, and 4-in-line headstock can only be categorized as quintessentially Fender. The Fullerton Telecaster is the perfect choice for the ukulele player looking to inject the spirit of rock ’n roll into every performance.

  • Telecaster body shape
  • 4-in-line Strat headstock
  • Fender-designed preamp system
  • No-tie bridge
  • Nickel hardware



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