G7th Heritage Capo Silver in Leather Pouch

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G7H-S1 [23105]
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G7th Heritage Capo Silver in Leather Pouch

This capo is a joy to use!  The Heritage is a traditional yoke-style capo made from hand-polished stainless steel & features G7th’s patented Adaptive Radius Technology string pad.  With force exerted from the centre of the guitar neck, the ART string pad can perfectly distribute the pressure over all six strings by adapting to match the radius of the fingerboard.  Every Heritage comes with a leather pouch, polishing cloth & gift box.

  • Adaptive Radius Technology
  • Non-reactive, protective silicone pads
  • knurled tension adjustment knob for fine adjustments
  • Traditional yoke-style
  • Includes leather pouch, polishing cloth & gift box



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