Lee Jones

1. What is your role in the store?
Sales specialising in keyboards, guitars, and lap steels. 

2. What styles of music are you into?
Alternative country , blues, indie , pop rock , classical and jazz .

3. Equipment you currently own?
Fender custom shop esquire 
Fender American vintage 52 Tele
Fender American standard Tele 
Gibson 61 reissue SG
Kawai K8 upright piano
 Duesenberg Pomona 6 lap steel 
Gretsch g5700 lap steel 
Gibson j100 acoustic 
Maton diesel 
MSA super sustain double neck pedal steel 
Kawaii mp 9000 stage piano 
Fender custom shop 64 vibroverb 
Fender 65 deluxe reverb
2 Ep boosters 
Hand wired Ibanez tube screamer 808 
Aqua puss delay
Fulltone supa-trem 

4. Piece of gear or instrument you have previously owned… and wish you never sold?
An 1964 original Gibson L50 

5. Favourite guitar?
My Fender custom shop Esquire 

6. Favourite effects pedal?
EP Booster !!!!!!

7. Where do you play at the moment?
I’m currently doing a bit of national touring with Ruby Boots 

8. Who have you played with in the past?
Past and present bands I have played in The Sun Orchestra 
Ruby Boots
Eskimo Joe 
The Sleepy Jackson
Spencer Tracy
The Polly Medlan Band 

9. What is the best memory or gig you have played?
I played Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah and Neil Young was there , he got up and sang a song with one of the acts on after us . Was pretty cool sharing a backstage area with Neil Young!

11.  Who do most look up to musically or who has influenced you the most so far? 
Neil Young! 

9. When did you start playing? 
I started classical piano in year 3 .  Started electric guitar in year 6 .

10. Best piece of advice you could give to other musicians?
Take the drinks “rider” back to your hotel! 


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