Simon Kuczma

1. What is your role in the store?
Salesperson, taking photos and helping to keep the website up to date, and guitar servicing.

2. What styles of music are you into?
Rock and bluegrass

3. Equipment you currently own?
Fender American Standard Telecaster, Martin SWOMGT, Vox AC30, Eastman MD315 mandolin.

4. Piece of gear or instrument you have previously owned… and wish you never sold?
I don’t regret selling any guitars, however I do regret dropping my new Martin acoustic on a brick floor…

5. Favourite guitar?

6. Favourite effects pedal?
RAT Pedal

7. Where do you play at the moment?
 Last few shows have been at the Amplifier bar and the Rosemount Hotel’s 459 bar.

8. Who have you played with?
Some bands that I’ve been lucky enough to support have been the UK Subs, Tex Perkins, the Hard-Ons, and the Cosmic Psychos.

9. When did you start playing? 
Started playing guitar around 2001.

10. What is the best memory or gig you have played?
Supporting the Cosmic Psychos was fun.

11.  Who do most look up to musically or who has influenced you the most so far?
Adam Sandler

12. Best piece of advice you could give to other musicians?
If you plan on having a couple at the gig, don’t drive home!

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