Jacob Diamond

1. What is your role in the store?
Grand overlord/sales assistant, as well as purveyor of perpetual gratitude to my boss Graham for finally giving me a job here after four of five resume’s and years of begging.

2. What styles of music are you into?
I love the singer-songwriters I was raised on, like James Taylor and Joni Mitchel, but more recently I’ve studied jazz and started a hip-hop obsession.

3. Equipment you currently own?
I have two specky guitars – a ’64 Custom Shop Jazzmaster and a Yamaha SA 2200 – which I play through a Fender Blues Deluxe reissue amplifier. I’m also running through an MXR Analog Chorus, an Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Reverb, a Catalinbread Semaphore trem and boosting those buddies with an Xotic EP booster. I run Pro Tools 11 in the studio and use Yamaha HS 8’s to hear my classic hit songs loud and clear.

4. Favourite guitar?
I love my Yamaha SA 2200 – it was my first proper guitar that I payed for exclusively with my own money – but I have to say, the new jazzy kid on the block (my Custom Shop Jazzmaster) is taking the cake at the moment. Dat tone.

5. Favourite effects pedal?
Boss CE-5 – chorus ensemble, for those quieter, creepier moments.

6. Where do you play at the moment?
All over the place at the moment, but I’m particularly fond of playing solo at The Moon in northbridge, or with my band down the road at The Bird in Northbridge.

7. When did you start playing? 
In year two, someone bought a guitar in to school for news and I pretended I knew how to play it. When I got up and obviously couldn’t play anything, I figured it was time to start. So I’ve been playing since that fateful day in 2000, when I was seven. 

8. What is the best memory or gig you have played?
At my first gig after my first song, an open-mic punter said ‘I’d rather listen to my phone ring’. Ohhh sorry, best memory. Well, they’re all pretty good, but I love playing at The bird with my full band.

9.  Who do most look up to musically or who has influenced you the most so far?
The Beatles.

10. Best piece of advice you could give to other musicians?
Play a lot and try and not be a jerk.