Introducing the Beautiful Yamaha SA2200 Semi Acoustic Guitar

Introducing the Beautiful Yamaha SA2200 Semi Acoustic Guitar

We’ve heard it so many times - “The only other guitar I want is a 335 semi... but they’re SO expensive!”

Enter our top selling semi-acoustic guitar ... the stunningly beautiful and functionally-versatile Yamaha SA2200.  At well under $3K, the quality and playability of these Japanese made beauties are extraordinary, so it’s really no surprise to us that so many people flip out when they come in and try one. People instantly notice how smooth and very comfortable the feel is, the quality is obvious before you even plug it in. 

The Yamaha SA2200 is in the style of what is commonly called the “335” which is actually a Gibson model “semi acoustic” guitar that was first launched back in 1958.  It was a design of guitar that was  neither fully hollow nor fully solid; instead having a solid maple wood block than runs through the centre of its body.  The side "wings" formed by the two "cutaways" into its upper bouts are hollow, and the top has two violin-style f-holes over the hollow chambers which means it still has that “jazz” quality,  but without the feedback issues you get from full hollow body guitars.

“Semi Hollow” guitars are very versatile and are particularly popular with jazz/fusion players – think Lee Ritenour, Larry Carton, Joe Bonamassa, Chris Cornell & the great BB King to name but a few.

The Yamaha SA2200 is definitely one of the best of this style of guitar on the market. The finish is flawless and electronics are exceptional, and while tone is a personal thing, it’s hard to imagine a sound you can’t get out of this model.  A great feature is that the tone control knob is a Push-Pull Coil Split so, in addition to warm, rich humbucking sounds, you can also produce ripping single coil sounds that are more similar to a Strat.    

The woods and materials are of a high-quality grade are similar to those used by Gibson to make their ES models but at less than half the price.  One difference is whereas Gibson choose to use  rosewood fretboards, Yamaha uses ebony, which we find gives more high end, more crunchy sounds as well as more sustain.  

The Yamaha SA2200 combines a classic design with outstanding craftsmanship, premium materials and player-focused features to create a guitar that perfectly combines looks, sound and playability.

  • Laminated Sycamore Body / Soft Maple Centre Block
  • Yamaha Humbucking Pickups/Alnico V
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Gotoh SG30 Tuning Machines
  • Gotoh GE103B Bridge
  • Gotoh GE101Z Tailpiece
  • Made in Japan