JHS Muffuletta 6-way Fuzz Pedal

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JHS Muffuletta 6-way Fuzz Pedal

Choosing a muff style fuzz is hard and its pretty easy to find yourself collecting a few over time. JHS's Muffaletta laughs at this approach and delivers us 6-In-1! An excellent start or end to your fuzz quest.

The Big Muff fuzz has been around so long, been on so many classic recordings, and been through so many variations that every guitarist out there has a favorite version of its iconic tone. JHS wanted to pay tribute to that undeniably classic fuzz pedal, but we couldn’t come to a consensus about which Muff was king. With the Muffuletta, their indecision is your gain. They've crammed five all-analog re-creations of the pedal’s most beloved tones into this box. There's also a JHS-exclusive tone that is our take on the historic stomp. No matter what Big Muff era you prefer, you can get ‘em all in the JHS Muffuletta fuzz pedal.

6 Fuzz's on board:

  1. JHS - "2015"
  2. ‘73 RAMS HEAD - “1973-1977 V2”
  3. THE TRIANGLE - “1969-1970 V1"
  4. THE PI - “1977-1978 V3”
  5. THE RUSSIAN - "1999-2009 V8”
  6. THE CIVIL WAR - “1991-1993 V7”
  • Analog circuit
  • Requires 9-volt power supply, not included
  • True-bypass Switching
  • 4mA current draw


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