Keeley Eddie Heinzelman Signature Verb O Trem Reverb Tremolo Pedal


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A "must have"!  Announcing the new Keeley Verb O Trem combined reverb & tremolo pedal.  Available in compact and Workstation form, the Verb O Trem was developed with session player Eddie Heinzelman. 

The compact pedal features three variations: vintage-style reverb and tremolo, Mack (tube amp, pitch vibrato and spring reverb) and Harm (harmonic tremolo and spring reverb).

The Workstation, meanwhile, features eight reverbs and eight different modulations. The Reverbs are: 2 spring, 3 spring, plate, hall, chamber, room, fugue and slapback. The Modulations are: sine wave, square wave, harmonic, dynamic harmonic, pitch vibrato, ramp trem, ‘Les’ rotary speaker and u-vibe.


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