Orange Acoustic Pedal

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Orange Acoustic Pedal

Whether you need to win the battle against feedback, handle complex effects chains, brighten up a dull instrument or just plug into a PA, the Acoustic Pedal has you covered – in top-notch Orange style. With a low-noise JFET circuit design, surgical-yet-flattering EQ, XLR and 1/4″ outputs and a buffered FX Loop, all situations are taken care of.

This high-headroom, high-quality pedal keeps your setup simple and controlled, leaving you free to do what you do best. Play.

  • Low Noise JFET Preamp
  • EQ with Notch Control
  • Buffered FX Loop
  • Balanced XLR Output
  • Phase Reverse Switch
  • Powered by included 18V centre positive power adaptor

The Orange site has more on the Acoustic Pedal here



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