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BJ500M [22371]
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Barnes & Mullins BJ500M Troubadour Banjo

Pay tribute to the heritage of Barnes & Mullins banjos with the Barnes & Mullins BJ500M Troubadour 5 String Banjo. Named after the monthly magazine published by Barnes & Mullins in 1895, the BJ500M ‘Troubadour’ 5 string banjo combines outstanding quality with a unique and striking appearance. This 5 string banjo features an ‘antique’ appearance with a patterned tone ring and flange. A low action and quick neck make this banjo a joy to play. It features a stunning closed back burl maple resonator, which delivers an authentic, punchy bluegrass tone that sounds as great as this banjo looks. The resonator is matched by a hard maple neck and maple laminate rim. Geared machine heads ensure improved tuning stability. The BJ500M also features a rolled brass tone ring to improve the volume and projection of the instrument. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you should definitely check out the BJ500M.


  • Neck: Hard Maple
  • Resonator: Burl Maple
  • Fingerboard: Ovangkol
  • Rim: Maple Laminate
  • Tone Ring: Rolled Brass
  • Brackets: 24
  • Hardware: Antique Gold
  • Head: Remo Renaissance
  • Machineheads: Geared, Planetary Style


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