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The Roland SPD::ONE PERCUSSION is a new type of digital percussion pad, one that allows any musician to add authentic percussion sounds to their performances. It contains 22 realistic percussion sounds, including snares, hi-hats, cymbals, shakers, tambourines, and more, and you can even import your own original audio data into one of the 12 internal sound banks. Once you’re ready to go, the SPD::ONE PERCUSSION’s robust-yet-sensitive pad can be played with sticks, hands, or feet, and the trigger threshold settings are easily adjusted with intuitive controls.

You can also load a custom  5 second sample onto the unit via USB.  The USB also allows you to use it as a MIDI controller for use with your software or DAW.

The SPD::ONE is built tough for gigging. It has a sturdy metal housing and thick rubber pad and can run standalone  for up to 7 hours on 4xAA batteries. 


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