Schagerl JM2S James Morrison Klassic Trumpet

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"I have designed the JM2 with the orchestral player in mind. Although a magnificent instrument for all styles of music, the JM2 features a special 'twin' designed leadpipe which focuses and centres the notes, perfect for any orchestral works and yet still a wonderful instrument for big band playing. Many of the features on both my JM1 & JM2 instruments are replicated from my own gold plated Schagerl James Morrison Meister series!" -James Morrison

No less a figure than James Morrison was the force behind developing this trumpet model.  Lacquer or Silver plate finish, this is a trumpet which is perfect for even professional players.  The combination of the double twin leadpipe with nickel silver outer tube, heavy valve caps and the nickel silver inner slides provide a dark, full, centred sound.

Hear James play the JM2 trumpet and explain why the Schagerl trumpets are the best trumpets to ever bear his name.


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