So ... Your Child Has Musical Ability ...


... and you have no idea where they got it from!

You are not alone! This is a comment we hear pretty much every day... along with that tone of surprise, doubt (and yes, even fear!) that you have found out, or been told, that your child has demonstrated “exceptional musical ability” … and you feel completely blind-sided by it! 

From personal experience, I can assure you that this is very normal and you are not alone!  I can also tell you that not every child has that innate ability. While the age old argument of “nature over nurture” certainly comes into play, we find children who are surrounded by music are much more likely to want too play and also find it a natural thing to do, however even in homes where no one plays an instrument, it seems some are born with amazing rhythm (they’ll be the ones you see in your car’s rear vison mirror playing ‘air drums’ while gazing out the window as they play along to whatever song is on the radio!).  Some have great pitch and just sing along to everything... & some can’t help composing their own songs or trying every instrument they can get their hands on! 

Making music is a wonderful thing... it’s inclusive, it helps develops the brain in fascinating and exciting ways, and it helps build confidence, concentration and cooperation.  Research on the impacts of learning music has also shown that:

  • Playing music increases memory and reasoning capacity
  • Playing music improves concentration, memory & expression
  • Music students are more likely to be positive members of their communities
  • Music assists in the development of social skills
  • Learning Music helps children perform better in maths & reading
  • Music Participation benefits at risk and disadvantaged students
  • Playing music develops creative skills & the ability to think well

Still not sure?  Why not let at least have a go & find out. There’s nothing to lose & everything to gain. We know it can seem a little overwhelming, but that’s where we come in. Our advice is always that the best thing to do is to come in and see us, with your child. We’ve got a range of options and price points, but more often than not we’ll start with a look at the brilliant range of Yamaha Student Instruments, as in our experience starting your child off with a quality, reliable and easy-to-play instrument is the best way to ensure they’ll love it, progress well and stick with it.

Meanwhile, to go back to your original question -  yes, it’s almost certain that they DID get it from you! It’s probably been in your genes the whole time!

Have fun!

Graham Hoskins


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So ... Your Child Has Musical Ability ...

... and you have no idea where they got it from! You are not alone! This is a comment we hear pre...