Spur SA251 AUST Electric Violin


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Notes from the maker on this stunning violin:

"Wood shavings from the making of the SA351 were swept up in Australia; Spruce from the belly & maple from the back and hand carved neck. The varnish brush used to apply the custom vintage varnish was cleaned in the Bronx workshop NYC just before its’ unveiling at Mondo Musica in 2014 where it received much positive acclaim by musicians and makers alike.

 Like a Boomerang this early Spur semi-acoustic has returned to Australia and is included in several pre-production models being made available for sale through Concept Music, each one of these instruments are unique in their visual treatment and appointments. This instrument expresses the founding minimalist principles of Spur by having only a simple volume control circuit. The stimulating aesthetic that this violin communicates evokes Baroque era violins with its’ vintage varnish and plain maple fingerboard, while at the same time appearing refreshingly modern and relevant for our times.  Spur violins connect with contemporary musicians who value the traditions of fine violin making and are unafraid to stand out from the crowd as they bravely create a new musical landscape. This Boomerang is the instrument that has put it all in motion".


  • Belly           Spruce
  • Back           Maple
  • Ribs            Maple
  • Neck          CNC Maple
  • Fingerboard       Maple
  • Bridge        Maple
  • Tailpiece   Maple
  • Nut            Poly acetate
  • Pickup       Soundpost
  • Volume     Yes
  • Tone          Yes
  • Pegs          Wittner Fine tune
  • Strings      Thomastik Spirit
  • Colour      Two tone blonde/burst
  • Case          Protec MAX case included
  • Bow           no bow included



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