Spur SA251 NYC Electric Violin


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"The 20 C. was a period of exceptional innovation and development of guitars, particularly in the USA. Spur acknowledges the great legacy of inspired makers from CF Martin and Orville Gibson to Leo Fender and Paul Bigsby, these gifted designers and artisans’ accomplishments are something to marvel at. The two-tone blonde/whiskey burst Spur SA251 pays homage to the guitars that have partly inspired it. The vintage toned Spruce top pops out under coloured stage lights while the black fittings and shadowy burst provide a dramatic contrast. Modern manufacturing processes create accurate consistency and herald a new standard of violin making that would have been much envied by the earlier makers.

The two tone SA251 is here to stay and has already become a production model. It is perhaps fitting that the first few pre-production two-tone models are available through Concept Music as it is these instruments that truly represent the development of the Spur Concept which is “Respect for the Past…. Vision for the Future”.


  • Belly           Spruce
  • Back           Maple
  • Ribs            Maple
  • Neck          Hand carved Maple
  • Fingerboard       Maple
  • Bridge       Maple
  • Tailpiece   Maple
  • Nut            Poly acetate
  • Pickup       Soundpost
  • Volume     Yes
  • Tone         No
  • Pegs          Wittner Fine tune
  • Strings      Thomastik Spirit
  • Colour       Vintage
  • Case           Protec MAX case included
  • Bow           None



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