Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster - Surf Pearl

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Solid! True to the Jazzmaster tradition of smashing rules, the Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster is packed with audacious new features. Sporting a matching headstock for a sleek aesthetic and black chrome hardware for a stealthy vibe, this guitar looks as sinister as it sounds.

Blending sharp appearance with a bevy of player-centric features, this Jazzmaster is a trailblazing rendition of a Fender classic. Inspiring player creativity, this guitar features a slim and fast "C"-shaped neck with a 12" fingerboard radius ideal for speed and effortless bends, while an adjustable bridge with stopbar tailpiece provides optimal stability—even in drop tunings. Powered by an active 9-volt circuit, the dual SQR™ ceramic humbucking pickups produce high-output tone ideal for crunchy rhythms and screaming solos.

  • Squier® SQR™ Ceramic Humbuckers
  • 12" Fingerboard Radius
  • Stop Tailpiece
  • Black Chrome Hardware


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