Taylor 414ce-R Rosewood Back & Sides Acoustic Guitar with ES2 Electronics

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This Taylor 414ce-R has rosewood back & sides & responds beautifully to an array of playing styles thanks to Taylor’s flagship body shape & the classic pairing with spruce.  As one of the most popular & musically rich tonewoods, Indian Rosewood offers a sweeping frequency range at both ends of the tonal spectrum.  This wood sounds deeper in the low ends & brighter at the top ends that other woods can manage.  It is incredibly versatile, & when partnered with Solid Spruce produces a harmonically rich voice, with a bright and sparkling top end.  With Taylor's very own ES2 (Expression System 2) you get a revolutionary pickup design that's been engineered to deliver the latest in Taylor's ongoing innovation in acoustic guita amplification.  Complete with a patented behind-the-saddle pickup with three uniquely positioned and individually calibrated pickup sensors, the ES2 captures a much more dynamic range of acoustic sound than any of its predecessors.


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