Taylor 914CE Grand Auditorium Acoustic/Electric Guitar

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Taylor 914CE Grand Auditorium Acoustic/Electric Guitar

The Taylor 900 Series stands out as their most luxurious class of rosewood guitars, blending a raft of tone-enhancing details with premium aesthetic features.

The 914ce acoustic-electric Grand Auditorium boasts V-Class™ bracing, which functions as a new sonic engine for the guitar. Not only does it enhance the volume and sustain, it also changes the soundboard movement in a way that improves the guitar’s natural intonation, or “in-tuneness.” The result is more power in the upper register and more harmonic agreement between all fretted notes, which helps chord voicings sing like never before.

Players who love the deep lows and sparkling highs of rosewood will appreciate how well behaved the overtones are as notes bloom. Premium features include a bevelled ebony armrest that makes your picking/strumming arm more comfortable, along with Gotoh 510 tuners, whose 21:1 gear ratio allows for precise tuning. Refined appointments include ebony binding, our Ascension fretboard/peghead inlay in paua and pearl, a paua rosette with koa and ebony purfling, and paua/koa trim along much of the body and neck. All V-Class guitars feature a black graphite nut and a new guitar label that bears the signature of master guitar designer Andy Powers.

  • Bevelled Ebony Armrest
  • 21:1 Gotoh Tuners
  • Taylor Deluxe Hardshell Brown Case
  • Venetian Cutaway
  • V-Class Bracing

See Taylor's website for more details about the magnificent 914CE

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