Taylor GS Mini Bass Flamed Maple Back & Sides


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It's all about da bass... & thanks to this breakthrough Taylor design, now there is a 'travel bass'!  This GS Mini Bass is a remarkably inviting short-scale acoustic bass that’s compact, lightweight & ultra-comfortable on the hands.  Adding to the heritage of the popular GS Mini family, this four-string bass is even more impressive for its ability to create natural-sounding bass notes despite the 23-1/2-inch scale length (which is about 10 inches or 25cm shorter than the scale length of a standard bass guitar!).  Part of the magic is the custom nylon-core strings (with phosphor bronze wrap wire) developed by D’Addario exclusively for the GS Mini bass. Together with the patented dual-prong bridge pin design, this bass not only sounds great but also has a very slinky feel.  And with the condensed fret spacing, playing bass is also physically easier on anyone’s hands... from kids to bass newbies to seasoned bass players craving a couch-friendly option.  It’s an inspiring tool to have on hand for writing, recording demos or jamming with friends.  It comes equipped with ES-B onboard electronics as well as a hard bag with adjustable backpack straps for easy portability. You know you want one! 


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