TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay / Looper Pedal

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TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay / Looper Pedal

The new TC Electronic Flashback 2 allows for more expressive delays with the addition of the new pressure-sensitive MASH technology switch. MASH reacts to the amount of pressure you put on the switch. The harder you press, the more intense the effect. You can assign MASH to raise the delay time as you press down, subtly increase the delay feedback into full-blown self-oscillation, or gradually add and deepen chorus modulation for out-of-tune flutters. 
TC Electronic have also completely redeveloped the Tape and Analog algorithms from scratch, recreating the tones of old school echoes with unheard realism, including every little eccentric behavior inherent in those legendary designs.
A shimmering Crystal delay mode has also been added made with TCs own polyphonic octave algorithm from their Sub 'N' Up pedal.

  • MASH technology
  • New realistic Tape and Analog Algorithms 
  • New Crystal delay features Sub 'N' Up octave algorithm
  • 8 high quality delay types and 3 TonePrint slots
  • 40 second looper
  • Stereo in/out
  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass
  • Analog-dry-through
  • Delay time, Level, and Feedback controls
  • Switch between different rhythmic subdivisions with more available through TonePrint Editor
  • Connect external tap pedal through stereo jack
  • Small footprint
  • High quality components
  • Road-ready design
  • Spillover on/off


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