TC Electronic June 60 V2 Chorus Pedal

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June60V2 [23506]
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TC Electronic June 60 V2 Chorus Pedal

All great blockbusters deserve a sequel - First Blood II, Rocky II, Karate Kid II, Back to the Future II… You get the picture! Sometimes the sequel outshines the original, taking it from good to great, and sometimes it should have just stayed in the idea drawer. Well, this is one very hot sequel that takes it from great to gorgeous and definitely deserves to get out there to sprinkle its head-spinning magic upon guitars - and keys - everywhere! 
  • Redesigned circuit to deliver a much wider stereo field
  • Preset I and II now come with two speed options
  • Authentic recreation of the legendary synthesizer chorus from the '80s
  • 2-button interface for intuitive and breath-taking modulation tone
  • All-analog BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) circuitry
  • True Bypass for ultimate signal integrity

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