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The Tech 21 Fly Rig Series is known for travel-friendly, grab-and-go pro tones for live and studio dates. The latest addition to the series is the Acoustic Fly Rig. Specifically tailored to complement the particular nuances and traits of acoustic instruments, the Acoustic Fly Rig provides round-the-clock ease and confidence for any gig, anywhere and everywhere you perform. AND... it's made in the USA!  

The Acoustic Fly Rig features the all-analog SansAmp with sweepable, semi-parametric active EQ, independent boost, a com- pressor, tap tempo delay, dedicated reverb, chromatic tuner, headphone capability and XLR output. Just over 500g & 31cm long you can be ready for any gig at a moment’s notice.

Other features include a Notch filter, sweepable from 70Hz to 350Hz, a Phase Flip switch to reverse the input of the guitar signal, illuminated mini-controls to show active status, an included power supply and studio-grade, metal footswitches and jacks in an all-metal enclosure.

In addition to acoustic stringed instruments, the Acoustic Fly Rig can also be used as a pre-amp for guitar and bass. You simply run it in-line to your amp just as you would a standard pedal.

With the functionality of a full arsenal, the Acoustic Fly Rig is an easily transportable alternative to getting rich, expressive combinations you can use for any studio or live date --whether it’s a huge arena or intimate coffee house, around the corner or across the pond, whether the backline is top-shelf or bottom of the barrel. It's also the perfect instant back-up rig when your gear suddenly goes down.



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