Vox AC15HW 60th Anniversary UK Hand Wired ** ONE ONLY **


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Built in the UK, these 60th Anniversary amps have only been released in very limited quantities with only a handful coming into Australia.  Vox amps from the late–'50s and early–'60s were an essential component of the sound of the British Invasion. The chiming twang that defined a generation of British rock 'n' roll was exemplified by its AC15 circuit and later, the AC30 and in celebration of its 60th birthday, Vox has released this new, hand wired variation of this beloved amplifiers championed by players like John Lennon, Vic Flick, and Brian May.

  • A faithful recreation of VOX’s most iconic designs in honor of the brand’s 60th Anniversary.
    Completely hand-wired in the UK and available for a limited time only.
  • Painstakingly designed and hand-crafted in the United Kingdom
  • Inspired by the most revered designs in VOX’s history; the 1957 AC15/4 and the 1964 AC30/6
  • Completely hand-wired using premium components and custom-wound transformers
  • Exclusive 12” Celestion AlNiCo Silver speakers; Baltic Birch ply cabinet construction
  • Includes custom amp cover and “Egg” footswitch for enabling the classic Vib/Trem channel


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