Yamaha CP88 Digital Stage Piano

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Yamaha CP88 Digital Stage Piano

The Yamaha CP88 stage piano is an 88-key stage piano with Natural Wood Graded Hammer keyboard, authentic acoustic and electric piano sounds, a realistic piano touch and an intuitive user interface. Featuring 128-voice polyphony, Seamless Sound Switching and a USB MIDI/Audio Interface.  It gives you three premium grand pianos: Yamaha’s own world-class CFX and S700 concert grands, as well as the inimitable Bösendorfer Imperial 290. These pianos provide full dynamic expression and nuance through meticulous recording and voicing.

With over 17 years of continuous development, the CFX is Yamaha’s flagship 9-foot concert grand piano, and it delivers sparkling highs, crisp midrange, and robust bass with prodigious dynamic range and the volume to project over a full symphony orchestra. Handcrafted by Yamaha master artisans, the S700 has the clarity and power to cut through dense arrangements, while remaining delicate and expressive in solo and sparser musical settings.

Bösendorfer is the only piano maker still building their instruments in the Viennese handcrafted design tradition. This results in pianos boasting the characteristic “Viennese Sound,” with warm bass, singing treble, and rich overtones. The 8-octave, 9.5-foot Imperial 290 is Bösendorfer’s awe-inspiring flagship grand. The Imperial’s extended bass range resonates with every key you strike, and its massive soundboard projects emphatically at all frequencies.


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