The Yamaha Gifts That Keep On Giving

The Yamaha Gifts That Keep On Giving />


Christmas... it’s a very special time of the year especially as it signals the very start of so many kids (& big kids!) musical journeys!

It’s particularly exciting for us as we get to help people choose their perfect instrument.  We know that for many people, it may well be the very first time you have ever stepped inside music shop. We also know that finding yourself where completely surrounded by guitars, amplifiers, digital pianos, ukuleles and drum kits can leaving you not knowing where on earth to start... we know it can be quite overwhelming! 

And that’s where we can help, so don’t worry... it’s not as intimidating as you might think! In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll find it quite exciting.  It’s what we do... every day.  Helping people get started in music is one of the very best parts of our job! We love it.

Christmas is actually a great time to invest in a starter instrument, because so may manufactures, like Yamaha, put out special bundles of fantastic beginner instruments that are terrific value. Yamaha are the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments & have a fantastic range of keyboards, piano, guitars, basses & even a huge range of brass & woodwind (whether it’s a saxophone, trumpet or flute) ... so they will have something that is easy to play, sounds great & with the best warranty in the business! 

And yes, if I sound biased... it’s because I am! We stock so many Yamaha products because we know they sound good, they’re reliable instruments, and the company is fantastic to deal with. We know that customers who walk away with a Yamaha are happy customers, and are more likely to continue with their musical journey.

Please come on down & pick our brains & experience... it’s what we do & we love it!  At Concept Music we really do believe that... “Life’s Better When You Play!”

Wishing you a very happy & musical Christmas!

Graham Hoskins

Owner of Concept Music


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