Yamaha GIGMAKER10 Electric Guitar Pack (Red)

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The Yamaha Gigmaker Package gives you a guitar, amplifier and everything else you need to start learning to play guitar.  The Pacifica guitar features a smooth playing neck and a HSS pickup configuration so you can play everything from blues to rock, pop, funk and much more.   The Vox Pathfinder amplifier is a compact combo which pumps out 10w of power and features a distortion switch for when you want to rock out.  It also has a headphone input for silent practice and a line input so you can plug in an iPod, CD or MP3 player and play along to your favourite songs or backing tracks.  The pack also includes a Vox cable, Korg tuner, learn-to-play DVD, strings, picks, strap and string winder so you can start learning music straight away!


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