Yamaha YAS875EXB MK5 Custom Eb Alto Saxophone - Black/Gold

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Yamaha YAS875EXB MK5 Custom Eb Alto Saxophone - Black/Gold

Exquisite!The Yamaha YAS875EXB Custom alto saxophone is one of the world's finest saxophones. Made with features like a hand-hammered one-piece bell with a floral engraving, it is a visually stunning instrument. Its sound full of rich colours matches up to this beauty, thanks to designs like the two-point bell/body brace for enhanced projection, with the power to impress any audience.

Experience a new level of playability. Yamaha's renowned mechanisms, like the octave key with a unique new ball joint design and left-hand seesaw key, allow smoother, quicker action. The Custom V1 neck is a crucial addition, providing extremely accurate intonation and a quick response so you know you can rely on your sax, whatever the occasion.


  • Key: Eb
  • Bell Type: One-piece hand hammered
  • Key Buttons: Mother of pearl
  • Auxiliary Keys: High F#, Front F
  • Thumb Hook: Adjustable
  • Neck: AV1
  • Finish: Black Lacquer


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