40 Years of Concept Music

At the ripe old age of 25, with the help of friends and family and a with a loan for $10,000 from the Bank, we spent a furious few weeks painting and installing some carpet and showcases, and I had my own shop.  Somehow it survived the first very rocky 5 years (it took that long before I could even draw a minimum wage) and was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Retrospectively, I must have had just the right balance of naivety and confidence (some might say youthful arrogance?!) and Concept Music had now found its feet (and beat).

The first incarnation of Concept Music lasted about 10 years before I started to outgrow the premises, but fortunately the owner of the building offered to extend it for me to give roughly twice the floor space. I employed the services of an interior designer and the new store was beautiful. To this day I still miss various aspects of it. 

Over the next 10 years Murray Street changed.  It became a one way street and got a LOT busier with almost no parking, and with more and more customers complaining they’d have to drive around the block 3 or 4 times to park I knew it was time to move on. In early 2000 I stumbled across yet another empty furniture showroom at the corner of Cambridge and Harbourne in Wembley. 

At the time I recall being extremely nervous if people would follow me “out of the city”, but in hindsight it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and we never looked back. Cambridge St was a winner from day one. The exposure was brilliant, people LOVED the easy access and parking. It wasn’t quite the “old” Concept (yet!) but we definitely hit the ground running and Concept grew very quickly. In fact wasn’t that long before I realised, we would need more space again. And soon! 

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What a blast! Thanks to all who rocked up to 96FM  breakfast at The Camfield. 40 lucky winners were presented with their new guitars and they were STOKED. We're so glad to have brought the gift of music into the lives of some new players.

To celebrate our 40th Birthday, we've teamed up with 96fm - who are also celebrating their 40th - to give away 40 guitars in 40 days!

We've also started digging through the archives, and we'll be posting some great pics from over the years that will have many of you shaking your (now-hairless) heads!

Gary Roberts, 96fm Managing Director, came in to check out the 40 Fender Squires that we'll be giving away.

There are 39 of them now on display in our front window display (the other 1 is sitting proudly in 96fm's studio!), where they'll remain until September 17.

On September 18, 40 lucky people will be given their prizes ... and one very lucky person will go home with $40,000 cash and a brand new Volkswagen T-Roc 140TSI Sport!

Listen to 96fm for your chance to win!

Thanks to Diesel for making the time to chat to Botica's Bunch. Here's a little snippet, with a truly tantalizing possibility! #TwoDieselsAreBetterThanOne

Here's the full chat: