Band & Orchestral

With 37 years’ experience playing and selling brass & wind instruments, owner Graham Hoskins knows pretty much all there is to know, and he reckons there's not too many questions he won’t be able to answer when it comes to orchestral instruments.

At Concept we specialise in Yamaha instruments and believe they are the best on the market. The quality is fantastic and the reliability is second to none. And as the biggest wind instrument manufacturer in the world, they represent excellent value for money. There are of course many cheaper brands on the market… the internet is flooded with them, however with Yamaha you really do "get what you pay for".  For the little extra you'll pay, you will get a beautiful quality instrument that is as easy as possible to play, is in tune and reliable. 

Whether its reeds, mutes, mouthpieces, repairs or just information you need, email  or just call and ask for Graham...