PA & Recording


Concept Music specialise in small to mid-range PA systems for bands, duos, rehearsal studios and community groups, as well as schools and churches. Let us talk through your requirements and recommend a system for you that will deliver the sound reinforcement you need.

Yamaha is our “go to” brand in PA’s and speakers and we also stock and recommend Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, SE Electronics and Rode microphones and wireless systems.  Concept Music can assist with all aspects of your PA requirements, including selecting the correct wattage (or power rating), matching your speakers to your amplifier, checking your speaker impedance, and even speaker placement.

And off stage… you really can get professional results at home!

If you’re a songwriter - whether you want to record your own songs, record your band, or just listen to yourself practising - the home recording options are fantastic these days.  We stock a range of Boss & Zoom recorders, as well as a host of interfaces from Focusrite, Steinberg and Apogee.

If you’re into podcasting we have a complete range of USB Microphones by Audio-Technica, Rode, Samson and IK Multimedia. We also stock a professional range of headphones and studio monitors for listening back to your recordings.