Happy Customers

Concept Music is also the most 'hands on' music shop in Perth. Our focus is on providing a relaxed, interesting & informative environment for you to look at and try good quality instruments at competitive prices. Concept Music offer professional advice on your instrument selection and promise not to try and push you into buying something you don't want or need.

Even if you are just starting out we Guarantee you will get the same genuine, informed advice and customer service that we give the many local bands, schools and professional musicians that have shopped with us for the past 29 years... it is what we are all about and is what we do best. And of course great prices are a given. Come in & see us soon!

Send us a photo of you with your new instrument along with some comments & we’ll put it on our website!

“Concept has friendly service and staff... and a great ambience in the store when I visit. All the guys here have a genuine interest in music and musical gear... and it shows”.
Hank B Marvin (Perth)

Hi guys. Just want to thank you for your awesome service. In store is always a good experience, there is a great selection to choose from and the website is fantastic. It is extremely convenient for me to be able to order online and have prompt delivery for free. Thanks again. 
Sean (Southern River WA)

I ordered a Yamaha THR5A from Concept Music. Cheapest price in Australia I could find. Concept Music shipped the amplifier the next business day. Unfortunately, the delivery was delayed by a few days due to the Easter break but nevertheless, good service from Concept Music and a great little amp. Thanks. 


Subject: Purchase of Martin Guitar 

It is less than 24 hours since I collected my new DRS1 Martin dreadnought guitar, but I cant wait any longer to tell you how thrilled I m with this instrument. 

In a previous life I worked professionally in the music industry (love those 80's) more recently I worked semi-professionally with a sax player but in recent times (the last 6 years) have had no inclination to play. This led to a decision to purchase a steel string acoustic. A bit of pleasure at home, around the campfire and the occasional jam session with whoever is silly enough to invite me. 

My budget of $700 put me in an awkward spot - buy the top range crap guitar but not quite high enough to get into entry level quality guitar. So pleased that Tony Del Roio picked up the DRS1 for me to play. Yes it was a little more than I had budgeted but way more guitar than I was hoping for! I asked Tony to set up the neck as fast as possible without it rattling to death and he achieved a perfect balance of playability without sacrificing too much sound. My fingers ache form not playing for so long but I find I can't put the guitar down. I am ecstatic with it! 

Thanks so much Tony, you did a great job. I would not hesitate to send family and friends your way in the future. Who knows, this might rekindle an old passion - maybe back for some electronics in the future. Feel free to send me any newsletters or deals you have from time to time. 

Once again, thank you very much. 

Ray (Vasse, WA) (Immeasurably happy Martin owner)

To Concept Music staff and management,

I have been a customer of yours for the last couple of years and have purchased several products which have brought me great joy and pleasure. I have also had minor difficulties with one or two of these products for which i have had to seek continuing customer support from your staff to help solve product related issues.

In every instance which i have had to deal with the staff at your store

i) I have been treated with respect,
ii) I have felt my needs were not only met but surpassed,
iii) I have left with a smile on my face having had not only good service, but great service!

I want to thank you all for your continuing efforts to keep Concept Music a friendly, customer focussed store.


Yours sincerely,


Lately I been fascinated by observing how a business' staff are a reflection of the owner - not always for the best either! But in your case you always choose such great staff and the shop is such a friendly environment; which is why I am always confident to send my students to you.


Hi Graham & team.
I have just purchased a Zoom H4n portable recorder from you.
With all the malarkey going on at the moment about internet shopping it was a real pleasure to talk to helpful staff on the phone, to be given a price that is comparable to the best online US prices, and then to be able to buy the Zoom from a shop that is actually pleasant to be in. I wish you all the best in these difficult retailing times- during the 30 minutes I was in the store to pick up the Zoom, 2 staff members were constantly fielding calls from customers, prospects, price-shoppers and tyre kickers. From what I over-heard, all callers were treated with courtesy, as was I when I made my initial contact.
Graham- I wish you the very best in these Amazon-addled times. You seem to have the staff, the products, the prices and the SERVICE to create a point of difference.
All the best for Christmas, and a prosperous 2012 to you all.

Pete C

Hi Graham,
Thanks for getting back to me so promptly! As an aside, the service at Concept is the best I have experienced in Perth by leagues!
Thanks again
Dave (Perth)


Just thought I would give you some feedback re the Bass Rig I purchased from Concept some months ago now, that being the Hartke 5500 head and the AK410 & AK150 (which you had to order in) speaker cabs. This is one excellent bass rig and I get nothing but compliments from punters and my band (Rewind)regarding the sound. This rig is so well matched I actually prefer this over Ampeg and it is half the price. This rig gives me that warm fat sound I crave with the slight punch that the sealed 410 cab provides. I also have plenty of headroom that is very important to me.

It might pay to sell this as a complete rig for the serious bass player as I'm sure it would sell at the right price once customers play through it.

Anyways thanks again and also for the after sales "no problem" service re the Hartke head when I had a fan noise issue.


Terry (Mirrabooka)

Many thanks yet again for such great service (and value).

All the best


Hi Graham,
Just wanted to express my thanks for looking after my niece and her husband, who recently purchased a bass package and and a keyboard package, plus accessories, from your store.
Tony was most helpful, pleasant and friendly and gave them a good deal.
I have been a customer of yours since the mid 80's and would certainly continue to refer family, friends and band members to your shop for the great deals and service. 
Best wishes to you and your great team.
Michael B

I received the guitar today thank you very much for the quick delivery!!

Katrina L

Hi Graham

My 10yr old daughter was wrapped with the Maton and her ‘practising’ is no longer painful to the ears. When she had finished I was allowed to have a turn of our first guitar and am very pleased I stretched the budget. It is such a pleasure to play and I think it will encourage both of us to continue learning. Thanks.


Geoff B

Hi Graham.

I have just received the guitar. Wauw it’s a fantastic little guitar. Haven’t heart it plugged in yet, but cant wait….

Thanks very very much.

Best regards to you down under.



Have a great day and keep up with the fantastic service, I will be recommending you and your store to all my family & friends.



Thanks a million once again to you and Tony for once helping me out with a good guitar – I just don’t trust anything other place except Concept for guitar stuff.



Hi Graham

Another satisfying purchase and a good deal completed at Concept. I’m happy and again my thanks for the way you guys do business. Your people have always made me feel like my infrequent business is welcome. You’re worth the trip to Perth and it’s possibly a good thing I don’t live closer.

thanks again.

Michael S

“Hi Graham thanks for your email and the update I to can't wait to see it also I would like to thank your staff as they were very helpful and their customer service in my opinion is the best I have seen.”.

Hey Graham,

We came in yesterday and picked up the PA. It was exactly what we were looking for so thankyou heaps.

And i would also like to mention how friendly, helpful and knowledgeable the staff were at concept music. It was really great to see and made the store stand out to any other I have been to. We will defiantly be coming back to shop at Concept again.

So once again, thanks for your help and to the staff at Concept. It was a pleasure.


Sean T

Thanks Graham

You did it again! I appreciate your 1st class service.

Alf H

On monday I referred a young boy of 11 yrs to your shop as he wanted his first electric guitar. They were extremely pleased by the service Rob offered them, so much so that the boy and his parents rang me straight away, raving about the service. Please thank Rob for me, in fact all the guys, your service has been nothing short of exemplary,


Hi there,
Im just writing to let you know i got a fishman loudbox mini from concept this week,  and i must say, for its price its amazing,  it gives my mates aer 60 a run for its money, its so crisp and clear and punchy, and recreates the guitars sound just great.  I just got a cole clark fat lady 2 this week as well and it of course sounds amazing unplugged and plugged in, but also my older cort ad 850, which i never thought sounded that good plugged in,  actually sounds pretty damn good as well,   so this little amp is great,  very glad i bought it!

Also your delivery was quick, so happy all round,  thanks heaps.


Whatever you restrung with it's cool. I'll leave you alone now but can't express how great the guitar is. Please use my feedback to promote your products and service!

David M

Hi Graham,

Just wanted to let you know that the guitar and case arrived safe and sound. No damage whatsoever to the shipping box.

I want to let you know that the guitar exceeded my expectations. Believe it or not I could not plug in last night as it was a bit late but I played it acoustically for a couple of hours until midnight. Immediately bonded. A/Bd against my American Series RW strat. The notes jump off the board and there is more sustain and clarity to the notes when strummed. Bending and vibrato very smooth. Frets are well finished. Very clear and articulate. Have to look real hard to see the join in the body. It's there but just-grain is very nice.

Do you mind telling me what strings are on? I think they are great. They seem a bit bigger than 10s (11s?). There is a slight concave with the neck and I put that down to the string gauge but a setup will solve that.

Thanks for the Concept accessories. Case stands up! (Some deluxe cases I've had fall over) and is superb. Everything else is fine.

Once again thanks for the guitar and your excellent service.

I'll let you know more after I plug in.



I just wanted to say thank you for pointing out to me the value associated with the Aria Jazz Guitars - I am sill quite amazed with the quality and value for money of the FA-65 model in particular.

Thanks also for setting the guitar up for me - it is playing really well.

Richard G

Sincere thanks for the deal on the AER amp and the fantastic service from your staff. I spent about an hour in your shop on Saturday and there was a really good feel about the way your staff did their job; most professional.

As you may know, after resigning myself to my fate at the hands of Murphy's Law I did manage to buy the amp and I have already shown it to several people and given them your shop details. I hope that you get some business as a result of the amp being on view down here.

Thanks again

Graham P

Hi Graham 

Mate I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything.  The guitar arrived early last week and is amazing. It is just a beautiful guitar.  Thanks for your service mate, it was outstanding and the product was as advertised.  I'll certainly recommend you in future and use you guys again.  

 Ryan (Queensland)


I came into the shop a few weeks back and purchased a diesel special mini maton off Tony. I would just like to say thanks for the friendly, relaxed service and allowing me to test the Martin. Your shop was a complete contrast to the previous one I went into.

Thanks again, I will be back and letting my friends know about your shop.