Rental Instruments

Buying a musical instrument is a serious investment... one which many beginners and  parents find hard to commit to when they're just starting out. "What if I give it up after only a few months?" is a question we hear almost every day at Concept Music.  So while it is our experience that the students who enjoy learning the most (and are least likely to give up) are those who own their instrument, Renting is a great low cost option to trying it out first so you can "see how it goes". 

Concept Music are proud to be associated with the Yamaha Rental program which makes virtually ANY Yamaha instrument available for a rent then buy programme.  Rental is very reasonable at around $40 per month for a brand new Yamaha student model clarinet, flute or trumpet and you can buy at any time during the minimum 6 months rental period.

Start renting NOW by filling in the simple online application form or enquire further by clicking on the the icon below.