Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are a real passion for Concept's owner Graham Hoskins....

 We're not sure if we believe him when he says he can't actually play guitar but he sure does love them and knows heaps about them. He's a sucker for anything that looks really gorgeous and his amateur furniture making skills reflect his love of timber.

The range at Concept is pretty huge and the brands stocked include Martin, Yamaha, Cort, Ibanez, Fender, Alhambra and Aria as well as our very own Aussie icon... Maton. Prices range form just $99 for a "cheapie" beginners instrument right up to several thousands but don't be put off... the guys here are all really helpful and in keeping with Graham's "service" ethos - you wont get pushed into buying something you don't want or can't afford. Concept will give you plenty of information and then help you choose the best one for your needs.