Antonio De Toledo AT-250 Classical Guitar

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AT-250 [846]
Antonio De Toledo
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Antonio De Toledo AT-250 Classical Guitar

For discerning musicians who demand nothing but the best, the Antonio de Toledo AT-250 is a masterpiece that embodies unparalleled quality and a distinctive, energetic sound.

Crafted by dedicated artisans with a focus on creating an instrument that captures the essence of a high-quality classical guitar, the AT-250 is designed to captivate the attention of musicians seeking excellence.

The meticulous design of this guitar aims to position it as a top-tier instrument, showcasing remarkable craftsmanship despite its placement at an intermediate price point. The impressive quality-to-price ratio is a result of the skilled craftsmanship and extensive experience of the workshop's luthiers, coupled with a careful selection of premium materials.

Upon first inspection, the AT-250 exudes an air of sophistication, leaving no doubt that you're in the presence of one of the finest guitars available. As your fingers make contact, the instrument responds seamlessly to your playing style, providing an unparalleled experience. The rich and nuanced sound it produces is a testament to the high level of sonic depth this guitar offers, making it a standout choice for musicians who demand excellence from their classical guitars.


    • Lattice bracing to delivery power and projection
      • Top: Solid cedar
        • Sides and back: Solid Indian Rosewood
          • Profiles: Wood
            • Fingerboard: Ebony
              • Neck: Cedar
                • Neck Reinforcement: Ebony



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