Boss RC-1 Loop Station

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RC-1 [16089]
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Boss RC-1 Loop Station

The Boss RC-1 Loop Pedal empowers musicians to effortlessly create and layer loops, unlocking a world of musical creativity. Whether you're a solo artist, songwriter, or performer, the RC-1 is your essential tool for building captivating, one-person symphonies. Explore, experiment, and elevate your music with the Boss RC-1 Loop Pedal.


  • Easy-to-use, single-pedal design for seamless looping on the fly.
  • Up to 12 minutes of recording time, allowing you to build complex arrangements.
  • High-quality audio playback with clear, uncompressed sound.
  • Unparalleled durability and reliability, built to withstand the rigors of the road.
  • Compact, pedalboard-friendly design for hassle-free integration into your setup.


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