Rattlesnake Cables 10' Straight to Right Angle in Copper


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Rattlesnake Cables are handmade and thoroughly tested by Hank Donovan in Missoula, Montana. Thanks Hank! They're made with USA made Oxygen Free Bare Copper (OFBC) low capacitance cable, heavy braided shielding, and Neutrik plugs. These elements help preserve your instrument signal, retaining level and high end frequencies. They are covered with a high quality protective weaving that will contribute greatly to the long life and reliability of the cable.

  • Conductor/Shield 99.95% OFBC
  • Capacitance at 20-25pF/ft
  • Braided copper shield (95% coverage)
  • 20AWG conductor
  • Cable milled in the United States
  • Cable hand assembled in Missoula, Montana
  • 10 feet / 3 metres


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