Fender Tone Master Pro Multi-Effects Guitar Workstation

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Fender Tone Master Pro Multi-Effects Guitar Workstation

Tone Master Pro is a multi-effects guitar workstation that has professional sound quality, power and ease of use. It has over 100 amps and effects, including vintage Fender models, EVH 5150 III Stealth and other classics. It has a full-colour touchscreen, stunning graphics and intuitive user interface. You can create Presets, Songs and Setlists, customize your footswitches and connect to the Tone Master Pro Control app via USB. You can also edit and share your presets or download thousands of tones from Fender's community. Tone Master Pro is the ultimate guitar processor for any guitarist.


Over 100 Tone Master quality Amp & Effect Models

Over 6000 Fender-captured Impulse Responses

Variety of cabinet and microphone options

3rd Party IR support

7" Colour Touch-screen

Innovative Song & Setlist modes

60 second Stereo Looper
4 Effects Loops for integrating your favourite pedals

Instrument and XLR mic inputs

10 proprietary footswitch/encoders with LCD “scribble strips”

True preset spillover of delay and reverb tails for seamless preset changes

Firmware updates over USB

Compatible with Tone Master Pro Control desktop app for editing, sharing and downloading presets

Over 500 User Presets with access to thousands more from the Cloud using the Tone Master Pro Control App

Bluetooth wireless connection for streaming audio from a mobile device

Stereo 1/4" Headphone output jack for silent practice

Compatible with the Mission Engineering SP1-TMP Expression Pedal for real-time control of parameters

Lightweight, under 4kg



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